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“POP!” review from AACT Worldfest 2014, by Kim Gaesser

Posted on 19 Jun 2014 in News, Rabbit Hole | Comments Off on “POP!” review from AACT Worldfest 2014, by Kim Gaesser

Kim Gaesser reflects on day #3 of aactWorldFest 2014

Here it is, Thursday, July 19, and we’re just halfway through aactWorldFest. I already feel that I’ve learned more about theatre and myself than I did during my first two years of college…

I concluded my streak of shows with Denmark’s POP!, an out-of-the-ordinary show performed by two people who simply took popular songs off of America’s radio and articulated them in different contexts. This forced the audience to reanalyze the lyrics that are known so well by anyone who listens to the radio while driving in the car. It made the audience see the depth behind the words and how the same words can mean so many different things.


POP! serenades with songs about love

POP! serenades with songs about loveDenmark’s show really stood out to me amongst all the shows I had seen that day. Their show didn’t have a clear line of action or storyline, so it was totally up to the audience to come up with their own interpretation. Yes, this show took me on a journey, and it also took all the other audience members on a separate journey, different and unique for each person.


That’s why this festival has reinforced my love and appreciation for both communication and theatre. A group of people can watch the same show and hear the same things, yet the messages received will always be different for each person. The point of theatre is to communicate an idea or an emotion. This festival has made it even more clear to me: as long as I’m communicating an idea or emotion, like I saw Argentina, Bangladesh, New Zealand and Denmark achieve, I will live a fulfilled life.