Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen

Theatre Director

“I want to burn with the spirit of the times. Yes, the theatre can play an enormous part in the transformation of the whole of existence.” ― Vsevolod Meyerhold



I am a 34-year-old professional theatre director from the USA, who now lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. I received a Bachelor of Arts in directing and producing from Avila University (2000-2004) and my Master of Fine Arts in directing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2008-2011), where I was trained as a collaborative leader with a strong sense for language and a passion for experimentation and developing new plays. My work focuses on two areas of specialisation: experimenting with theatrical styles in traditional, text-based theatre and developing Spoken Word plays, in collaboration with performance poets, musicians, and dancers.

I am the co-artistic director of the Spoken Word Projekt along with the Spoken Word artist Rasmus Rhode,  produced by Med Venlig Hilsen. The Spoken Word Projekt was conceived to advance the genre Spoken Word in Denmark, as well as to build a bridge between Spoke Word artists and theatre artists, including dancers, musicians, vocalists, circus artists, etc. The Spoken Word Projekt started with a workshop in 2013 at Theatre Republique, and there after developed “Jeg Ville Sgu Gerne Ha’ Lyttet Lidt” at Copenhagen’s Music Theatre in December 2013 and “OrdBlindt” at Haut in February 2015. For more information on these productions and for a better idea of how we combine Spoken Word and theatre please check out the Portfolio Section further down on this website.

A Theatre of Passion and Poetry:

Theatre is passion, tension, a deeply felt emotional connection that weaves itself in and out of our collective consciousness, it is poetry. The basis of every story can and should be found already embroidered in the inner lining of our hearts, and the connective tissue that links our hearts to the primal portions of our brains. Theatre is a dance between words, ideas, expressions and the inner workings of the mind. It evokes, plays on the senses, in order to enrich, enlighten, and give release. It is the dance, which is personal, intimate, passionate that is expressed through the poetry of visual images, language, and music working together to enchant the mind and open doorways, lighting the corridors of eternal darkness. In order to express this poetry, theatre has to be multi-dimensional, crossing genres, textures, mixing visual and auditory imagery, to create the spark that is imagination.

My work focuses on creating a multi-textural environment as the basis for storytelling and blending styles and genres, in order to spark new theatrical forms. In creating these environments, I always start with the text and work outwards. Nothing is arbitrary. I start by looking deep within the text for a seed of inspiration, and then I express this idea in as many different ways needed to both emotionally and intellectually experience the plays core themes. In this way, I consider myself a minimalist, where I use only the forms of expression necessary to spark the audiences imagination, as the imagination can create far more and stronger images than can ever be created on stage in any given evening.

What is Spoken Word:

Spoken Word is a genre which encompasses all forms of oral literature: from hip hop to performance poetry, from prose to storytelling. That is to say, it is literature that is to be performed. Its main facets are the artistic aesthetics of orality, including storytelling and word-play, where there is a particular focus on the words themselves, repetition, rhythm and dynamics of tone, gesture etc.; and originality, where artists write and perform their own texts based upon personal experiences. Spoken Word is often combined with other performance styles, such as: dance, music and theatre. The genre originated in the US in the 60’s from the African American poets in Harlem and includes such artists as Amiri Baraka, Gil Scott Heron, Hedwig Gorski, and Spalding Gray, among many others; and has since spread around the world with large appeal in Germany, Britain and France. Due to its personal, subjective and political nature, Spoken Word is often used as a way to open up discussion on taboo subjects.

I am always looking for new projects and new ways to tell stories. If you are interested in working together please feel free to contact me through the contact page at the bottom of this website.

Spoken Word Classes

Spoken Word (Finding your Creative Style):  Sunday Course in English/Danish

Spoken Word is oral literature and covers a wide array of literary styles, with a focus on how the words sound, dynamics of tone, repetition and gesture, and with an emphasis on originality, where every artist has their own unique style and their own personal stories, expressions and emotions are presented through their work. More information can be found on the about page under the header “What is Spoken Word?”

This course is for anyone interested in finding their own unique artistic style. The courses aim is to help you dig into your creative passions and through the use of poetry, song, music and storytelling develop a stronger voice. The course is aimed at those who like to write and perform, and will focus on individual growth as an artist. It is taught by Danish spoken word artist Rasmus Rhode and director Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen.

The work in the class will be directed at building a portfolio of texts you can perform. We will be having a public performance of the texts in May.

No previous background, but must enjoy writing and performing. The work you develop will be in the language of your choice.

Session 3 (6 weeks) (New Dates)
Week 34-40, 2016 (Aug. 28th – Sep. 4th, (No class Sept 11th), Sep. 18th – Oct. 9th); Sundays from 14:00-17:00
Location to be determined (in Copenhagen)

1200 kr. for the 6 week period (1100 kr. for students under 25 and Copenhagen Theatre Circle members). If you are only able to come to a couple of classes, we offer an individual class rate of 300 kr. per class (must book in advance of the class day)

To sign up please contact the instructor at:, or use the contact link at the bottom of this website, with the subject line “Spoken Word course.”

Space is limited so reserve your spot today.

About the Instructors:
Rasmus Rhode:
Multi-artist Rasmus Rhode is one of Denmark’s leading voices in Spoken Word and he is co-artistic leader in the Spoken Word Projekt, along with Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen, where he has produced OrdBlindt (2015) and Jeg Ville Sgu’ Gerne Ha’ Lyttet Lidt (2013). He is a permanent feature as a spoken word poet in the jazz band SKURK, and has performed several times at the Royal Theatre in front of 500+ fans. His poems have been released in City Slam, a poetry-slam antolgi.

In 2014, he won Best Vocal Performance at the AACT WorldFest in Florida, USA, for his part in the theatre concert POP!

Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen:
Director Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen will be co-teaching this course.

Personal Performance Coaching:
If you are looking for help preparing for a specific performance or event, then coaching may just be the thing for you. Coaching takes place on an individual basis and aims to help you recognise and achieve your personal goals.

If you are interested in individual coaching, please contact me for details and prices.


News and Reviews



Future Projects

05/2016 Director Elsie and Norm’s Macbeth Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre
06/2016 Voice Coach Dansejæger Neominimalistic Music Works
08/2016 Director Loving Virtually Spoken Word Theatre/Manus Arts
10/2016 Director Drømmens Faner Spoken Word Theatre

Productions (*Video available under Portfolio)

12/2015 Director Vores By Copenhagen's Film & Theatre School
09/2015 Director Secrets* Why Not Theatre
04/2015 Director Pygmalion* Copenhagen Theatre Circle
03/2015 Director Journeys Copenhagen Theatre Circle
02/2015 Director OrdBlindt* Spoken Word Theatre
06/2014 Director Pop* Black Box Pangea
04/2014 Director The Dining Room* Copenhagen Theatre Circle
13/2013 Director Jeg Ville Sgu Gerne Ha' Lyttet Lidt* Spoken Word Theatre/Kbh's Musikteater
11/2012 Director Hele Vejen Hjem* Husets Teater- Åbent Hus
09/2012 Director Mallorca Med Venlig Hilsen/Bådteatret- Ubåden
10/2010 Director Valparaiso* University Theater
04/2010 Director Oleanna (Akt 1og 3) University of Wisconsin-Madison
03/2010 Director The Lady from the Sea* University Theater
12/2008 Director First You’re Born* University Theater
05/2008 Director Miss Firecracker Contest Strollers Theatre
08/2005 Director Anna, Leona, & the Lady Luck StageQ
03/2004 Director Balcony Scene Bearnail Productions
07/2003 Director Last White Family on Dorchester Road Avila University/Mind's Eye Theatre
05/2003 Director Writing Murder Avila University
03/2003 Director Naomi in the Living Room Avila University
02/2003 Director On Sundays Avila University
11/2003 Director Waiting for Godot Avila University
09/2003 Director True West Avila University
11/2001 Director Charley’s Aunt KCK Community College
05/2001 Director War of the Worlds KCK Community College
11/2000 Director Over My Shoulder Longview Community College
05/2000 Director Surprise! Mr. Black? Blue Springs High School
08/1999 Director This is a Test Blue Springs High School

Radio Drama

06/2013 Director Hestene (afsnit #6) Akt1

Projects, Staged-readings, and Workshops

01/2015 Vocal Director Ant Film Center for Social Evolution
11/2013 Director Massakre Det Kolde Bord-Momentum
08/2013 Director ORD workshop Spoken Word Theatre/Republique
06/2013 Director Mand Over Bord Det Kolde Bord-Grob
03/2012 Director Det Hvide Snit Det Kolde Bord-Teater Huset
08/2010 Director Feed the Bird Edenfred/Overture Center
05/2010 Director Bailey and Time CTM Family Theatre
01/2010 Director Sordid Lives Stage Q
05/2009 Director A Play Madison Repertory Theatre
05/2009 Director The Island University Theatre
05/2009 Director ATTENTION! University Theatre
05/2009 Director Life Elixer University Theatre
05/2009 Director Field work University Theatre
01/2006 Director Jesusland Stage Q


09/2008-05/2011 Master of Fine Arts in Directing, University of Wisconsin-Madison
01/2002-05/2004 Bachelor of Arts in Directing/Theatre Producing, Avila University
01/2001-12/2001 General Associate, Kansas City Kansas Community College
09/2000-12/2000 Longview Community College


02/2016-Present Spoken Word Courses, Spoken Word Theatre
02/2016 Script analysis and scene work, Copenhagen's Film & Theatre School
01/2015 Stanislavsky system, Copenhagen's Film & Theatre School
11/2014 Acting class, The International Theatre of Malmö
02/2011-05/2011 Introduction to Acting, University of Wisconsin
09/2010-12/2010 Introduction to Directing, University of Wisconsin
01/2010-05/2010 Introduction to Acting, University of Wisconsin
09/2009-12/2009 Introduction to Directing, University of Wisconsin


09/2014-Present Board Member Dansk ITI
08/2013-Present Board President Med Venlig Hilsen
11/2011 Consultant Mysteriet om Hvorfor... Teaterhund

Awards and Achievements

12/2016 Named “#1 English Language Trailblazer” CphPost
04/2015 Stipend for Spoken Word Projekt, Danish Ministry of Culture ($5,000)
07/2014 Pop! won Best Performance Art, Innovation in Design, Best Vocal Performance for both Performers, WorldFest 2014, USA
02/2014 Københavns Scenekunstudvalg underskudsgaranti ($2,000)
09/2012 Københavns Scenekunstudvalg underskudsgaranti ($6,000)
05/2010 Gudrun Gytel Fund scholarship ($12,000)
05/2010 ScanDesign Foundation study abroad scholarship ($7,000)
05/2010 Charline M. Wackman Award: scholarship for academic achievement ($2,000)
05/2009 Charline M. Wackman Award: scholarship for academic achievement ($2,000)
08/2008 Three year graduate school funding for tuition and teaching stipend
08/2099 Winner of Missouri’s regional competitions for directing; This is a Test

Acting and Directing Classes

Personal Acting Coaching:
If you are looking to apply for an acting college or just need help with an audition monologue for an upcoming show, then coaching may just be the thing for you. Coaching takes place on an individual basis and aims to help you recognise and achieve your personal goals.

Personal Directing Coaching:
If you are looking for advice on how to develop your next play or are in the middle of the rehearsal process and are having issues, then coaching may just be the thing for you. I can help to point out possible future stumbling blocks and give advice on how to best communicate with your actors or can help guide you in taking your production to the next level. Coaching takes place on an individual basis and aims to help you recognise and achieve your personal goals.

If you are interested in individual coaching, please contact me for details and prices.


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